Forum Title: 20 inch closet doors I can not believe no one makes them!
Good afternoon, This is really getting to be a pain I put a picture (which I can't figure out here how to do it.) of my closet or by pass doors on craigslist under wanted. I got an email the next day saying that this guy had a pair of 20 inch doors & that they were in mint condition he lived about an hour away. We talked on the phone & I went out there they were like brand new same color wood (whatever the wood is!) Only problem is they were 26 inches wide he is a contractor & has a warehouse full of stuff how he got the size wrong I will never know but my tape measure showed 26 inches but at $10. for the pair I figured I would take them since my other two closets take 24 inches. Having said this I'm into classic Chevy's but not wood working I have been reading up on cutting a door but they show cutting the bottom I was thinking if I cut the 26 inch down for $10. what do I have to lose. But I read about a straight edge where do I get that? & as far as my circular saw my blade must be a good thirty years old so what would be the best blade to buy for the smoothest cut?. I have a table saw with a junk blade could I use this & if so what blade would be best?. I just can't believe I can not just buy a 20 inch door! I bought one(20)many many yeas ago for the linen closet that was a slab but that place is gone now. I feel so stupid here taking up your time but having all this work done to my house the doors look awful!. Or should I just take the ones down & see if this place we have will refinish them I can't believe that would be much money just being flat doors. I only wish I knew how to put pictures up of the old ones maybe someone could tell me what they used back in 57 when the house was built & the wood. I'm truly sorry for my stupidity but any help would be great! Thank you! Will,
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: STACY DOUGLAS (Tustin, CA), 01/22/2019

Sounds like a simple storm panel that any glass shop can make. If you have one, bring it with you as a sample. If that's not possible, a piece of plexiglas that the same thickness as the storm panel can be used.

- LORRAINE DAY (Bellevue, WA), 02/05/2019

If your set on using the 26 doors and cut them down, use a paneling [fine tooth] blade. Masking tape over the cut line will also help minimize tear out. You'll need to reinstall the style since you've cut into the hollow section of the door. IMO it's easier/quicker to rip one off of a 2x and insert it [with glue and a few brad nails] than it is to remove, clean up and reuse the one in the cut off portion of the door. I'd expect the doors originally used in your house to be better than most doors for sale today.

- JESSIE JENNINGS (Dubuque, IA), 02/02/2019

Quote: Originally Posted by chandler You can post pictures using this link: Cutting a 26 door down may not be a good option as you will be getting into the hollow part of the door. You can special order any size door you a price. I would opt to have the old ones refinished, or better, yet, refinish them yourself. This is a DIY forum, and we encourage you to do just that. We have paint guys here who know their stuff. Good Afternoon, I'll have to try posting pictures thank you for that. As far as the 26 inch doors that was my bad. I put a post on Craigslist under wanted 20 inch doors I got a reply the next day from some contractor I guess he must keep the stuff he tears out of jobs he does. Anyway he told me he had 20 inch doors like the ones I have since I put pictures up of them. So I took the hours drive to his warehouse & when I got there he said he made a mistake they were 24 inch doors I figured 24 inch would be OK & they are in mint condition for $10. I thought great. When I got them home & measured them they were 26 inch doors so now I'm listing them to sell. I did send emails to both Lowes & Home Depot & both were very helpful I was not home yesterday but Home Depot called & said they could get them I think I have to call them back. As far as me redoing these & I know this is a DIY site but I think the tools I would have to buy not to mention I have no idea what kind of stain they used if it even is stain it would be cheaper for me to have them done if not cheaper at least they would know what they are doing. As far as I go the only DIY projects I feel comfortable doing is working on my classic Chevy's that I know. Also I tried lowering these & I don't even think I have enough door & if I put a 1/2 inch piece of wood under the track then the track will show. Thank you again for your help. Will,

- GERTRUDE SHELTON (Encinitas, CA), 02/20/2019

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