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I am replacing my hopper style basement windows with new vinyl units and I have a few questions. I had finished off the basement years ago and covered up some access to the window frame on the inside with drywall (see picture). My first question is can I install the window from the outside and avoid the drywall rework? There is a metal plate at the top for the outside stone veneer support (see picture). I have one window that is not dry walled in (see picture). My second question is how do I construct a new mortar wash assuming I need to remove the old one? The cinder blocks are open on the top. How do I keep the mortar from falling in? Mesh? Can I avoid mortar any other material to use? The last question is when doing the mortar wash is the window set into the mortar at the bottom? Trying to get an idea of what I need material wise before I start tearing them out and become committed. I apologize I was unable to find the picture album link in my User Panel so I can upload the images. Help.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: BETTY THOMAS (San Antonio, TX), 01/29/2019

Christina, welcome to the forums! Yeah, picture(s) would help. You can and we'll be able to see what you see.

- SCOTT F (Colorado Springs, CO), 03/01/2019

XSleeper - Any recommendations on a file sharing website to post the pictures on? I was concerned about sealing the inside as well. I suspected I would have to remove the drywall. I thought about removing a 2 to 3 inch section as well, but probably easier to clear the whole opening. The new window is slightly smaller and slightly thinner, but not enough to make a difference in regards to the drywall. The window has nail fins on the ends and the bottom. It also has two screw holes in the top of the frame (header holes). The install instructions are brief, but say to install two screws into the header holes, strip the sash block fin (utility knife) and apply mortar wash between the bottom of the window and the top of the block. Is this really enough to hold the window in place? I assume the window is sunk into the mortar wash correct?

- JAVIER PARK (Youngstown, OH), 02/21/2019

I use photobucket, some others use Picasa web album. There is also Flickr, I think. As for attaching the window, I prefer to have 4 screws through the frame, 2 on left, 2 on right, nothing on top. You are probably right though about the mortar holding the bottom of the window, especially if the bottom fin is sliced to the right height, then mortared in on both sides.

- FRANKLIN PARKS (Brooklyn Park, MN), 02/25/2019

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