Forum Title: Broken door cant get into house!!help!! looks similar to this hey guys I put a used door knob on the front door and shut it. when I turned the knob(not circle knob, but more like a lever handle knob) it wont turn enough to open the door. I got frusterated at it and turned it really hard and now the lever seems to be broke also. I just want the stupid thing off so how can i do that. The screws are on the inside and not acessable. theres no pin hole or lock. The only lock is the deadbolt so i think the handle is from a bedroom or closet. should i guess and drill where i think the screws are and drill them out? please help
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: Clark John (Tampa, FL), 01/11/2019

I'm not sure what you are talking about. Do you mean your storm door was blown off? The video isn't very clear. If it was the storm door, I see lots of screws on the outside of your door frame. Those would be the ones. If you mean your entry door, the easiest way is to remove the trim and use a sawzall to cut all the nails/screws that run through the jamb into the framing. They should be going through the shims. You should take pictures and post them. They will be easier to examine and should be clearer.

- GLEN ALVARADO (Champaign, IL), 03/02/2019

Try the back door. You can't tell me you have been sitting all night trying to get in your house, please! With your computer powered up. Talking to us, rather than to a locksmith. C'mon. Yes, it looks as if the handle is from a closet, but no matter, it should work if you put it in correctly. If the handle is off, stick a screw driver in the handle hole and try to engage the lock mechanism.

- JOY TERRY (Evansville, IN), 03/06/2019

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