Forum Title: can't find weatherstripping thick enough
so on our backdoor we have this brown weather stripping that is 1/2 wide by about 5/8 or so when compressed and i have looked at lowes and home depot and they don't carry anything close to that. anyone know where i can find some that thickness?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: Nick L (Huntersville, NC), 01/09/2019

If you have the style of counterweights, pulleys, and ropes that I am familiar with here in the midwest, I don't quite understand why you would be having problems with them. The weights hang freely in the weight cavity- there is no insulation in the weight cavity- so there should be nothing for them to hang up on. The only thing that would make them out of balance is if the knot was tied in some strange manner that would not allow the weight to hang STRAIGHT down. If you need pictures or ideas, Google window counterweight repair. If the rope gets slack as you raise the window, the weight is obviously catching on something on it's way down. The only way it could catch on something would be due to the knot... or someone stuffing insulation where it ought not be. If your weights are original, they should be the correct size and weight so I wouldn't worry about that. I don't know what the method used to be for selecting the size, but both weights when weighted together should weigh a little less than the window sash does. If they weighed more, you would never be able to keep the sash down. If they were too light, the window would take more effort to raise and lower. If your sash seems to be sticking in the way up, it could also be due to the way the rope is hooked into the sash. Some had knots that went into a pocket, and often the knot needed to be nailed down with a nail to keep the knot from rubbing on the jamb as the sash slid up and down. So you could check that. If the rope only gets slack when the sash is raised all the way up, then it would be pretty obvious that your rope is too long, and the counterweight is bottoming out in the weight cavity.

- MISTY FIGUEROA (Lake Havasu City, AZ), 02/23/2019

thanks for that...i have googled so many different things. looks like a good overall website!

- VELMA MCLAUGHLIN (Temple, TX), 02/22/2019

Another link to browse:Industrial Supply Equipment from MSC Industrial Supply You might broaden your search to: �marine weather seal� . . .; marine weather seal - Google Search �3/4 thick foam seal tape� . . .; Foam sealing tape; - Shop sales, stores & prices at Might search industrial suppliers: Search 3/4 thick foam seal - Grainger Industrial Supply You might also check thickness when your material is compressed (using finger to press it in) . . . materials compress differently, and buying it over the Internet gets tricky.

- JAMES SMITH (League City, TX), 02/06/2019

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