Forum Title: external pocket door?
I would like to replace the double glass sliding door in my kitchen (out to patio) with a single glass pocket door (to save room and make more cabinet space on that wall). however, i can't find much info about it on the web. - do they make pocket doors for use with one side on the outside of the house? approx cost? - when the door is closed, what is the insulation like from the 'pocket' since it'll be hollow? will it affect my house temperature quite a bit?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: LORRAINE DAY (Des Plaines, IL), 01/08/2019

The casing is nailed to the jamb and to the rough opening studs with finishing nails. To get it off without damaging the jamb and the wall score around the outside edge of the casing with a utility knife between the casing and the wall. this will break up any paint buildup that might damage the wall. Slide a joint compound or a putty knife between the casing and the wall and use it to pry against with a handy bar or something similar. The putty knife will keep the pry tool from damaging the wall.

- ARNOLD SCHWARTZ (Renton, WA), 02/02/2019

thanks. i found this type of stuff earlier:1500 Series Pocket Door Frame Kits- For 2 x 4 Construction, For 80 Inch Door 1500 Series Pocket Door Frame Kit- For 2 x 4 Construction

- ARNOLD SCHWARTZ (Bradenton, FL), 02/13/2019

Insulation would be an issue plus none of the pocket doors I've ever encoutered sealed airflow all that well - granted, they were all interior and that didn't matter....

- DIANNE OCONNOR (Cary, NC), 02/10/2019

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