Forum Title: How to install a new window sill without taking the window out
I have a fairly new 96 wide window, but the sill is rotten all the way under the frame? (not sure of the proper terminology) of the window. The frame is metal/vinyl. My thought is that being this long if I just take the whole sill inside and out, how do you replace the sill without the whole window falling? The interior is gutted down to the studs. Any help would be welcomed. Thanks
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: brent hartwick (Kokomo, IN), 01/12/2019

It may be true if the storm door is a full glass or mostly glass and tightly seals to the frame. depends on how much sun the doors get. If it's fully protected and gets no sun..then it shouldn't be an issue. I went to a house for a customer complaint on the finish peeling. Dark blue door, full glass storm with no porch or probably 6 hrs of sun a day. Measured the surface of the door at 180 degrees or so IIRC. And the day was only about 80-85 air temp. Do that for a while and I wouldn't doubt it could delaminate. To be the customer service number of the FG door...and don't paint it a dark color.

- MARIO HOWELL (Terre Haute, IN), 03/05/2019 btw - welcome to the forums!

- RAY BISHOP (Arlington, TX), 03/03/2019

I have a similar problem and hope for some help. I have Weathershield windows and have been able to get replacement parts, the sill and the sill nose. I have replaced the sill nose in the past and have attempted to repair the sill but it does not work well. I had one sill replaced by a company and they did it without needing to take off any interior trim. I am hoping to do the same. My only issue is that I have not done this before and am wondering how the sill fits in place since it normally sits on an angle and is somehow attached to the bottom of the window. I don't think that I will have an issue with removing the sill and cutting off any nails or staples where it is attached, but how is the sill kept on a slant and tight up against the bottom of the window without needing to take out the whole window? What am I missing?

- TOMMY FOWLER (Kenosha, WI), 02/11/2019

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