Forum Title: New lock for old door without a lock
I have an Anderson wood framed patio door that was installed without a keyed lock nearly twenty five years ago. There is no problem with the door, but I would like to have an outside key now. I don't know the model number and wouldn't know how to go about ordering a lock to replace the existing handle/inside lock. I would like to know if there is a way to retrofit a keyed lock on the door without knowing the model number, or is there another type of lock that I could install? Thanks.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: AMBER WILLIAMSON (Shreveport, LA), 01/18/2019

Hi Jerry, I must have missed the question mark, but I think I understand the question... are your current windows installed in this same manner? It's possible that they are, but shims were not required in all window installations back then. Lawyers and such have demanded more stringent instructions if manufacturers are to stand behind their products. So if shims aren't used, or aren't in the right places and there is a problem with the installation, well the window company isn't to blame. But I digress. Regardless, you have a rough opening... a space with or without shims and insulation... and a window frame, which your window sashes are mounted into. This basic construction remains the same. However, you may lose some glass area no matter what, but there ain't much you can do about it. For instance, let's say you have 50 yr old Pella windows. Well they used to have a steel frame, and a wood sash. The steel frame and wood sash is thin compared to their windows today, which have a wood frame and wood sash. Multiple mulled units would also have lost glass area at the vertical mullions because of thicker building products. For example, if you have an equally divided 3 lite casement, you might currently have 20 of glass width per sash... and with new windows that might turn into 18 of glass width per sash. This ticks some people off, but like I said, there just isn't much you can do about it. And it's usually only very noticeable on mulled units like I just mentioned. A single 38 wide piece of glass on a window that gets 2 smaller isn't that noticeable of a change, but on a narrow window it sometimes is noticeable. Usually people just need to quit comparing their old windows to their new ones. They are different. Kind of like a 1950 car is not going to exactly match a new 2010 model. You lose a LOT more glass area with a vinyl replacement window because their master frames and sash frames are so thick. So count your blessings.

- DANA RIOS (Portsmouth, VA), 02/27/2019

Info as requested and pictures

- JEAN MURPHY (Avondale, AZ), 02/20/2019

Ok..trying to remember..but I think you may have read 5/32 but it should be 5/82...that would fit That would mean May 1982. Its not their fancy glass...though at that age I wouldn't expect it to be. Its a Frenchwood glider...prob vinyl clad exterior? Could be painted wood outside...since it seems to lead to a covered area. I have to leave for a bit..but I'll try to reply tonite or tomorrow morn. I may actually have a lock cylinder I can give you...I'll never use it. Have to do a little research at the Andersen site. Talk later.... oh...where are you located? You can add that in the User CP section on the task bar...

- JUDITH COOPER (Aurora, CO), 03/01/2019

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