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First post, anxious to get some input. I'm remodeling a bathroom and am wanting to install a new window in a existing wall. I've looked around online and have more or less found the proper procedure for framing the window etc. , but haven't found a complete procedure to follow. Basically, the exterior of the house is covered with wood shingles (or slats, not sure of proper terminology) and I'm wanting to make sure I know the proper way to cut the hole to make sure the exterior is finished properly. I have basic/intermediate carpentry skills and this is my first project where I'm cutting through a exterior wall. If anyone can provide a quick how-to or a link that shows the entire process I would really appreciate it. I feel comfortable with the framing but am still in the grey with the hole cutting process and the post-installation trim, so any help is appreciated.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: SALLY NEWMAN (Syracuse, NY), 01/25/2019


- WILLIE ROGERS (Thousand Oaks, CA), 03/02/2019

Most of the Pro's are probably working....give it time. Type/age of home would be good. Interior surface? Plaster or sheetrock? I don't feel qualified to tell you much more. I've turned windows into doors, and vice-versa..but never what you desire.

- DARRYL HALE (Flagstaff, AZ), 02/10/2019

I would try to position it so you only need to cut out one stud. I would draw out exactly where I want it on the inside then start knocking a few small easily repairable holes in the Sheetrock so I could check for pipes and cables. When I was sure the space would work I would cut out the Sheetrock. From the inside using a � 12 long drill bit I would drill holes in the out side wall at each corner. This would tell me where the window will be. How you proceed from there depends on how your doors and windows are trimmed out. Do the shakes butt against the trim or is it on top of the trim. Most important thing is every job is different so be prepared to modify the techniques to work with what you really have.

- HILDA GRIFFITH (San Ramon, CA), 02/27/2019

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