Forum Title: Question about sliding glass door latch
I recently had a sliding glass door installed by a professional retail outlet. This was nothing special about this door, handle or latch. After the install, the door would not lock. Several techs visited to repair the latch. Finally, they told me that the latch needs to be engaged with the door open, and lifting the latch half-way. I have to close the door with my hand on the latch to keep it up half-way, and when the door is closed, I can engage the latch the entire way. There is no way to lock the door with the latch when the door is closed. Looking at the latch, it appears that when lifting the latch handle, it does not give ample force to the latch that would force it up into the lock. Some mechanism prevents the latch from engaging completely into the door frame, so even the slightest pressure prevents it from working. This is why the latch-lock must be half-way up with the door open to guide it into the hole in the door frame, and then when the door is closed, the lock will properly engage Is this normal? It seems very strange.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: CHRISTINE CAMPBELL (Missoula, MT), 01/04/2019

Anyone? Id really love to hear any opinions you guys may have.

- AARON BROOKS (Provo, UT), 02/04/2019

I agree with Gunguy, its sounds like a door height adjustment issue. By your description of the problem, it sounds like the latch bolt is not clearing the lower opening in the lock plate. You can easily check that by transferring a small pencil mark,inline with the bottom of the lock plate opening, to the face of the jamb. Then bring the door within 1/4 of the mark and begin to engage the lock. When the lock sweep begins coming out of the door, you should be able to tell if it is high enough to clear the bottom of the opening. It seems strange that you would have been left in that situation, rather than the techs simply adjusting the door though.

- ARNOLD SCHWARTZ (Bradenton, FL), 03/01/2019

Quote: Originally Posted by Gunguy45 Welcome to the Forums! It sounds like it just needs adjusting. Can you tell us the brand and model of the door? It may be that the latch mechanism needs to be turned 180...esp if this is a reversible direction door. The latches on sliding doors normally reach out then pull back, shouldn't need any forcing. Thanks for the reply. This may be a reversable door, but I don't think the latch is upside down. The hook that comes out of the latch points up. The problem is, as the latch is pushed down, the hook starts to lift, but if there is any resistance on the hook, some internal mechanism does not apply any pressure to the hook to force it up, unless the hook is half-way engaged before there is any resistance. So starting with the latch up and pushing it down, the hook hits the door jam, and does not engage to complete the lock, it hits a slight amount of resistance and the hook never comes out of the latch. However, if the hook is halfway out, it will forcibly engage the door jam and lock. The installer is adamant that this is the way the door is designed. I am skeptical.

- JEANETTE WADE (Lancaster, CA), 02/22/2019

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