Forum Title: Replacing broken sash cords
I love my old windows. Most work perfectly but in some cases where I have replaced sash cords, the windows don't operate so great and/or the weights get twisted and the cord rides up/off the pulley. I have a few cords that need replacing and thought it might be a good idea to ask for some input from someone who knows how to do this before I start anything new. Also, should I check the weights to make sure that they are the same weight? How do I know if the are the correct weight? thank you!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: EVELYN NGUYEN (Janesville, WI), 01/09/2019

The hinges take the weight & will eventually loosen. The door itself will be fine. The same thing happens with those over the door shirt racks.

- KELLY BELL (Boulder, CO), 03/02/2019

Thanks- I can't figure out what they can catch om either or why the sash cord rides up on the pulley in a couple of places. I DO know that the knots were originally nailed in and I did not do that when replacing them. When I was a kid and my father showed me how to do this, I don't think he nailed 'em in, but those were different windows in a different house. thank you, do you know if I will run into trouble if the cords are different lengths? I know that in my daughter's room I left them too long in one window and there's a window that opens easily but is really hard to get down, while other windows in the house operate easily with one hand.

- BERTHA WALTERS (Olathe, KS), 02/12/2019

If any of the cords are too long, you could have trouble. If, for example, one cord was too long on one side- so long that the weight bottomed out, it would tend to want to tip the sash to one side, making it bind. I saw a nice video once on this topic, I think it was a bob vila video. Yeah. Maybe you can find it if you google it. Use: bob vila sash cord in your search.

- DWIGHT LOVE (Winston Salem, NC), 03/04/2019

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