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After recently leveling our house on a new foundation, the solid wood front door no longer fits the frame. Over the years, it apparently has been planed down and now sits with an angled gap at the top and bottom, with something short of a 1 gap when comparing the left side vs. the right side. Our designer tells us that in Europe, it's common to see solid wood doors that have rotted out near the bottom, patched with a darker wood at the bottom to avoid replacing the whole door. Sometimes in a large sawtooth pattern, though I'd prefer a straight cut. I'm not opposed to this solution, but am having trouble finding any reference to door repairs similar to this on the web. Is this as simple as a tongue and groove repair, so something more complicated? Anybody have any reference links they can share that might provide guidance?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: LEONARD AGUILAR (Santa Maria, CA), 01/14/2019

Those that can, do. Those that can't, inspect. Congratulations on both the installation and troubleshooting, and welcome to the forums.

- KEN SHARP (Gastonia, NC), 02/28/2019

Kickplate was one option, but I don't like it. Don't like the sawtooth, either, but wonder if the straight cut is enough to stand on its own and withstand the abuses of a front door. Although the gap is only an inch, I was thinking I might need to do as much as 10 to make it look right. Unless i really try for a color match, but I don't think I have much hope there. I'd love to paint it, but the powers that be want it sanded and stained. Too much work, says I. So what, says they! Hence, a purposely dark wood.

- MELVIN GUZMAN (McAllen, TX), 02/11/2019

Assuming the jamb is now straight I would cut off whatever was necessary from the top and bottom to return the door to square. From there you can glue and screw filler strips. You could tongue and groove or groove and spline the repair but with modern glues I don't think it's necessary.

- JACOB GREENE (Rowlett, TX), 02/12/2019

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