Forum Title: window grids
I have windows with the removable grids. Are there buttons available to fill in the holes if you take the grids out? If so, where/how can I find them? Thanks!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: CHARLES S (Charlotte, NC), 01/05/2019

This is a serious question (I'm not trolling), I don't understand door terminology. I'm just looking for the name of what I need so I can go buy it at Lowe's. Thanks.

- LORI BENNETT (Deerfield Beach, FL), 02/01/2019

Ya, I've never heard of any 'buttons' either [or whatever you would call them] Putty and paint or colored putty the same shade as the stain is what I'd use. You'd want to apply a coat of poly over the colored putty both for looks and to help it stay in place.

- WESLEY WONG (Suffolk, VA), 02/09/2019

Is it possible he is asking about the type of inserts that came with my steel doors with glass and grids? You know what I mean the vinyl plugs that cover the screw holes...they come in a bag taped to the door. I always wondered myself if you could buy replacement plugs for these. Maybe they are vinyl windows and use the same type plugs.

- NINA HARDY (San Diego, CA), 02/07/2019

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